15 Shots From The Urban Voodoo Machine

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  • Release Date: 11 May 2018


After kicking off the New Year with latest single January Blues, The Urban Voodoo Machine release 15 Shots From The Urban Voodoo Machine ? a retrospective of their 15 year career featuring all the single releases along the way. Whether you?re looking for politics & depression (While We Were All Asleep, Rusty Water & Coffin Nails); remembering the dead (Goodnight My Dear & Fallen Brothers), a Wilko Johnson collab (Help Me Jesus), an anti-love song (Love Song #666 & Rather You Shot Me Down) or a Latin dance (Crazy Maria - ask about the tattoo!); 15 Shots? caters for the rascal, the villain, the swindler & the crook.


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