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Label Review. 

2019 album (Bloc Party). Also available on CD

Our Overview. 

Kele is a founding member and lead singer of Bloc Party and ‘2042’ is his fourth solo album. “There is a history of black entertainers feeling that after they have achieved a certain level of success that they are above discussions of race but that idea is a delusion,” says Kele. “As a person of colour living in the western world, it does not matter how much wealth one accumulates, race will follow you wherever you go. With [the song] “Jungle Bunny” I wanted explore this idea: In a time of such rampant division and public racism, what is the responsibility of the black entertainer?”

Following 2017’s largely acoustic ‘Fatherland’ (released under his full name and featuring a duet with Olly Alexander from Years and Years), marks something of a return to the adrenalised electronics of his previous two solo records, ‘Trick’ (2014) and ‘The Boxer’ (2010), whilst broadening the sonic palette by bringing in elements of his work with Bloc Party and a litany of other influences and ideas.

As an artist, Kele Okereke has never stood still, relentlessly seeking new ways in which to present his luminous songs. Whilst sonically markedly different from ‘Fatherland’, lyrically ‘2042’ picks up a thread from that record whereby Kele’s life experiences and relationships suffuse the album with some of his most personal lyrics yet.


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