25 Trips

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  • Release Date: 27 March 2020


Label Review. 

2020 album. Singer songwriter. Also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

American bluegrass singer-songwriter, mandolinist, and guitarist Sierra Hull’s ‘25 Trips’ further establishes her as a powerhouse instrumentalist, vocalist, and esteemed song-writer. It’s a genre-transcending album emerging from the world of folk-pop, bluegrass, and acoustic music. This 13 song album is a testament to Hull’s virtuosic prowess, and showcases her as the singular talent that she is. 

Those familiar with Hull’s bluegrass history might initially hear the never-before-included elements on this record – namely drums, electric guitar, and electric mandolin – as mildly out-of-place. However, as sonic symbols for the flow of time, personal growth, and a sense of openness fostered from the former, these new instrumental additions merely provide a welcoming opportunity to witness the continuing transformation of Hull’s perspective as a person and musician when reflecting on her past, present, and future.

“When I started digging through songs for the record, they seemed to tell a story in a way, that led to being able to put this particular group of songs together – both in terms of, yes, musical approach but also whether it be the story of being kind of open minded as a musician and being able to take multiple approaches to recording something,” says Hull.

’25 Trips’ shows that what music looks and sounds like for Sierra Hull from here on, is only limited by her own sense of adventure. Listeners new and old can take heart that no matter what, she certainly seems to be at peace with trusting herself to figure things out as they come.

Produced by Shani Ghandi (Parker Millsap) and featuring guest appearances by the estimable talents of Katie Pruitt, Mindy Smith, Angel Snow and Molly Tuttle, ‘25 Trips’ is offering up some of Hull’s best collaborations to date. 

Tracklisting: Beautifully Out Of Place / Middle Of The Woods / How Long / 25 Trips / Ceiling To The Floor / The Last Minute / Escape / Poison / Waiting / Everybody’s Talking / Envy / Less / Father Time


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