Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang

2DVD+7 £24.99
  • UPC: 0844493061489
  • Release Date: 08 May 2017


The film includes candid interviews with McLaren conducted in Paris and London, some stunning unseen footage about his childhood, his 1960's activism, meeting with Vivienne Westwood, the Kings Road shops, and focuses on his key role in the Punk 'anti-fashion' and the Sex Pistols and many others. Three films in one: it's a history of European Anarchism; a biog of McLaren and a compelling exposÈ of the real birth of the Sex Pistols (with contributions from The Clash, 101ers, Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant, Boy George, Don Letts, Tony Wilson, Tracey Emin, Stuart Christie, Nick Egan, Vivienne Westwood). A 2xDVD set featuring the film and also some great extra features, including the last ever filmed interview with McLaren. Additionally the set includes a 7 inch single contacting Malcolm McLaren speaking over music, a badge and a brand new booklet an with essay written by Barry Cain, who interviewed McLaren many times. Also included are a postcard signed by director Phil Strongman and a poster.


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