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Label Review. 

2019 album with 2 bonus tracks. Plus live disc recorded on Last Night Of the Electrics Tour. Plus Large t-shirt. Also available on CDDeluxe CD, and Vinyl

Our Overview. 

Status Quo’s history stretches all the way back to 1962 with The Scorpions, when members Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster were only 13! Several name changes (The Spectres and Traffic Jam) and line-ups later, Status Quo first hit the charts in 1968 and have never looked back. And now, 118 million records sold later, the group minus original member Rick Parfitt for the first release their 33rd studio album ‘Backbone’.

Some doubters said ‘Backbone’ was a record that could not be made, but the 2019 line-up of Status Quo has been through a lot, and as of today will have chalked up over 130 shows as a unit and travelled tens of thousands of miles. This is a group of musicians that is strong, that back each other up and are tighter than ever. ‘Backbone’ features of a trio songs drawn from the classic partnership of Rossi and unofficial fifth member Bob Young as well as contributions from all of the rest of the band.

A new Status Quo studio album is a cause for celebration, especially when it kicks like this one. And for the doubters? A ‘Backbone’ is also a support, a unifying element that keeps things in shape. Underlying this new record are the core desires to keep creating, to be the best and to keep playing: these are the qualities that have kept Quo at the top for so long. ‘Backbone’ will ensure that Francis Rossi and Quo keep standing proud. And, by naming the album ‘Backbone’, they’re ready for the ‘Spinal Tap’ headlines too!