Call The Comet

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  • Release Date: 15 June 2018


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2018 album. Also available on vinyl

Our Overview. 

Recorded with his band in Manchester at Marr’s Crazy Face studios, ‘Call The Comet’ is the third solo record from the Smiths guitarist and follows 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘The Messenger’ and 2014’s ‘Playland’; both of which made the UK top 10. “‘Call The Comet’ is set in the not-too-distant future” says Marr, “and is mostly concerned with the idea of an alternative society. It’s my own magic realism.” Songs include “Actor Attractor”, “Walk Into The Sea”, “Bug”, and recent live favourite “Spiral Cities”. “The characters in the songs are searching for a new idealism, although there are some personal songs in there too. It’s something that people like me can relate to”, says Marr.

The shadow of the Smiths looms over everything he does, but Marr says he tries to not let that frustrate him. “I’m very lucky to be known for anything,” he says. “But it’s been so long now that I think some people need to get with the times. I really, really love the stuff I did with the The and Modest Mouse. I understand why interest in the Smiths is so high. Bands that made music that has stood up over the years are special things. On one hand, I’m very pleased about that. But I think people who get preoccupied…” He stops himself mid-sentence, perhaps envisioning the sort of headlines that will erupt if he says it’s time for people to end their preoccupation with the Smiths. “It’s their life,” he says with a chuckle. “They can like whatever they like.”


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