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Label Review.

2019 album.

Our Overview.

Philadelphia based foursome Big Nothing are releasing their debut album ‘Chris’. Big Nothing - Spraynard, Pat Graham, Liz Parsons and Chris Jordan - who have been playing around Philadelphia for the last two years, after releasing a 7” on Asian Man Records, are hardly new to the D.I.Y. punk scene.

Their members cut their teeth in Leigh Valleys Spraynard (Jade Tree), Gainesvilles Young Livers (No Idea) and New Jerseys Casual (Dead Broke) but all found themselves in Philadelphia in 2016 without a band. After taking in their 7-inch on Asian Man Records, it became perfectly clear this right here was more or less a super group without the pretentious tag of really being super. However, if it's one thing that is super is the music Big Nothing churns out.

Big Nothings debut is eleven tracks of indie-rock and pop-punk thats inspired as much by the power pop records of Teenage Fanclub as the straight ahead big choruses of Superchunk. With three songwriters taking turns seamlessly, ‘Chris’ is an easy listen full of big hooks and smart lyrics.

While almost every single song is a buzzy, '90s alt/indie rock singalong, Pat's just a rotating vocalist in a band that sticks to its simplicity and its strength, spinning the wheel to near perfection. It’s easy to get lost in the melodic, fist-pumping propulsion of “Chris,” but beneath the surface layer strengths there is a lyrical framework that the entire album is constructed upon, making this a band who knows how to approach songwriting from all sides of the build.


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