Cloud Corner

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  • Release Date: 15 June 2018


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2018 album also available in Vinyl.

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American classical guitarist, composer, writer, and social activist Marisa Anderson melds American traditional musics from blues, gospel, country, folk, jazz, and circus music to minimalism, electronic music, drone, 20th century classical, and improvisation.

Originally from Northern California, Anderson's earliest musical memories include hearing church music, classical in her mother's car, and country in her dad's truck. She has been playing the guitar since age ten.

On her Thrill Jockey debut, acclaimed guitarist Marisa Anderson’s music is boundless. Anderson is undeniably a master of the North American traditions of country, folk and blues on guitar. On ‘Cloud Corner’, Anderson expands on those styles as well as instrumentation.

The solo guitar work of Marisa Anderson owes its familiar tones to her awareness of history and her mastering of her instrument, yet it is completely new. Marisa Anderson filters musical history through her own personal experiences, as a traveller in life and in music. A curious and gifted player, Anderson has spent over 35 years of performing forging her singular, instantly recognisable voice. Marisa Anderson’s ‘Cloud Corner’ is hopeful in the face of any discord, a resplendent diverse sound sanctuary that shines, a mirror of the horizon it looks towards.

Anderson has contributed to recordings by Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Sharon Van Etten and Circuit Des Yeux among others, as well as creating music for short films and soundtracks.

Anderson has been praised by Billboard, Rolling Stone, NPR, SPIN, Pitchfork and The Wire. NPR Music has featured Anderson on All Songs Considered and First Listen and had her perform for their Tiny Desk concert series.


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