Coma To Coma

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  • Release Date: 13 December 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Rock.

Our Overview.

With ‘Coma To Coma’, United Waters, the Brooklyn, New York based band continues even further down the road of the perfect melded song. Fronted by Brian Sullivan, of 2000s noisemongers Mouthus, the bands fourth album is a sonic experience where chords drip and flow into each other at a pace equal to honey at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s this viscosity that sets United Waters apart from any other band that engages in the song-form.

Achievement obtained not by the newest pedals or computer effects, but by playing slightly out of this dimension. It’s a sound completely unique yet a sound you knew existed without ever having heard it before. The song-form transfigures into a new body that reveals new energies with subtle lines of force. ‘Coma To Coma’ takes that new body and refines it even further than their previous records. Imagine the painter Francis Bacon sonically slicing and transmogrifying the songs on Lindsey Buckingham’s Law And Order and you will begin to orient yourself to the sound of ‘Coma to Coma.’

Track Listing: Summer Your Eyes Out / Harbor And Rail / See No Globe / Who Will Sing Your Name / Arrowheads / Hydras Again / Isotopes / Home Fires / Snow Days