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  • Release Date: 20 July 2018


Label Review. 

This box set brings together all of Jan Akkerman’s studio albums, his most important live recordings, his personal selection of Focus tracks and a CD of rare and previously unreleased tracks.

Our Overview. 

For over fifty years, Jan Akkerman has been one of Holland’s most respected guitarists. In addition to his leading role in the globally-acclaimed bands Focus and Brainbox, he has also worked with the likes of B.B. King, Charlie Byrd, Cozy Powell, Claus Ogerman and Ice-T. On his solo projects, Akkerman let his creativity run free, combining rock, jazz, blues, classics and dance in his own distinctive style.

His first album ‘Talent For Sale’ (1968) kicks off this box set which came out following his early Dutch pop success with The Hunters and prior to his own bands Brainbox debut in 1969. During his spell in Focus he released two more solo albums, ‘Profile’ (1972) and ‘Tabernacle’ (1973). Then after an album with Kaz Lux in 1976 (‘Eli’) following his departure from Focus he got his solo career underway properly with 1977’s ‘Jan Akkerman’.

All of these albums plus loads more are in this box set which follows his career right up to 2011’s ‘Minor Details’. Also included is a disc of his favourite Focus recordings and a collection of tracks from his own personal archive.


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