Confident Music For Confident People

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  • Release Date: 13 April 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album also available in CD  

Our Overview. 

Until recently Confidence Man were strangers to the world outside of their demographic in Brisbane, but since signing to Heavenly Recordings Confidence Man made their UK debut in May wowing audiences at The Great Escape, Dot To Dot, and Glastonbury festivals in the process. 

The quartet - Janet Planet and Sugar Bones share vocal duties, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence take care of the music - have created a buzz on both sides of the Pacific ocean since debut single 'Boyfriend (Repeat)' dropped towards the tail end of last year. With an infectious hookline and 30 second drop that instantly invites audience participation, it represents one of the most audacious pop songs of the decade so far.

Janet Planet said that prior: ‘The four of us were all living in a house together and everyone was working on their own solo projects. Then one day we were all a bit wasted and someone was working on a track at home so the other three of us came into the room and started working on it together. After that, we started doing more and more until we eventually had a bunch of tracks.”

And now we can bring you their debut album ‘Confident Music For Confident People’ which sets eleven tales of 21st century ennui to irresistible, irrepressible dance music. This is a set of songs that take the kind of all-consuming interior monologues that bored, disaffected youth are wrestling with the world over and places them square in the middle of the dance floor before adding call-and-response choruses for good measure – it’s the best collection of perfect pop music you’ll hear all year, the perfect embodiment of the characters that made it that somehow manages to be both wildly ambitious and deceptively simple at the same time.


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