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Label Review.

2019 album. Rock.

Our Overview.

‘Cuando’ is the acclaimed musician Adam Topol’s latest full length album. Born in Lake Tahoe C.A. the drummer, solo artist, collaborator, and sideman, Topol has explored an atlas-full of world music styles, with an emphasis on Cuban and Jamaican grooves - Adam studied Jazz at Berklee School of Music and Latin percussion at Havanas Escuela Nacional de Arte - and prior to releasing records under his own name he has built a considerable career for himself playing drums and percussion with Jack Johnson, as well as working with musicians like Joey Santiago, Ziggy Marley, David Gilmour and Jimmy Cliff.

With ‘Cuando’ Adam has created a collection of tracks that merges his roots in California folk pop and Latin percussion for ten songs that meander from astral lullaby, to dirge and back again on a vast sea of emotions and waves of psychedelic meanderings.

Pairing up with musician/producer Matt Costa on ‘Cuando’ allowed Topol the breathing room to explore these broad musical influences that were beyond the scope of some of his other peers. The two connected over a mutual taste for artists like The Cure, The Dirty Three, PJ Harvey, Spacemen 3 and The Velvet Underground, and within that shared musical language they were able to explore the occasional lyrical and thematic darkness of Topol’s work while still keeping the songs on the record fully rooted in their natural sweetness and emotional depth.