Dead Magic

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  • Release Date: 02 March 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album. Also available on vinyl.

Our Overview. 

Anna Von Hausswolf’s fourth album, ‘Dead Magic’, confirms her formidable reputation as the creator of a singular world, equal parts black magic and beauty. Its five solemn but never less than thrilling tracks extend over 47 uncompromising minutes full of heightened qualities, among them tension, grace and sorcery. With the stately sound of Copenhagen’s Marmorkirken church organ as its centrepiece, ‘Dead Magic’ calls upon an unlikely array of influences and inspirations - including Yma Sumac, Sunn O))), Gyorgi Ligeti, Swans and Nils Frahm – for Von Hausswolff’s most intense collection to date.

She released her debut album ‘Singing from the Grave’ in 2010. Going down well in her native Sweden she was picked up by City Slang Records for her second and remains with them for ‘Dead Magic’. Hausswolff is noted for her expressive voice and her live performances, and is sometimes compared to Kate Bush. Bob Boilen said “Von Hausswolff’s voice possesses the power to soar with those mighty pipes and still hold tight to delicate, personal emotions. I hope to find one album like ‘Ceremony’ [her second album] every year — a rare, thoughtful, inspiring record for a night on the couch or a candlelit evening.”

The Gothenburg-based artist keeps her introduction to the record enigmatic as ever, stating simply: “Dear listeners. Me, my band and Randall Dunn spent 9 days in Copenhagen recording this record. The great pipe organ you’re hearing is a 20th century instrument located in Marmor Kirken, “The Marble Church”, Copenhagen.


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