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  • Release Date: 21 June 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album. Also available on vinyl

Our Overview. 

Twenty years on the heels of their debut in 1999, established cornerstone of the French touch, the duo Philippe ‘Zdar’ Cerboneschi and Hubert ‘Boom Bass’ Blanc-Francard announce their fifth opus ‘Dreems’. This album will bring Cassius back to his original house, the one that has always fed their energetic DJ’s sets, after the sophisticated pop of previous albums.

Back to basics, then, both in the design and influences, they worked during long sessions spent at the Motorbass’ studio, where the disc was largely imagined. A magical place causing an organic heat into the sound power (with a new subtlety that the initiates will appreciate, the use of a Korg synthesizer, last acquisition of Zdar and Boom Bass).

The duo say: “With the release of our first album “1999”, to end the twentieth century and start a long adventure, we scoured the clubs and festivals that grew everywhere like weed. Two disc bags, a sampler, a keyboard, four ears, four hands and two friends. The whole thing had spent at least two hours in a boiling booth, in front of boys and girls swimming, dancing, and leaving their phones in the locker room.”