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  • Release Date: 21 June 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album.Anarcho punk, hardcore and noiserock. Also available on vinyl

Our Overview. 

Bad Breeding announce their new album, ‘Exiled’. A group who hail from Stevenage, England, with a keen eye for social injustice and establishment venality, expressed in hollered tones over a full-throttle, enervating soundclash of anarcho punk, hardcore and noiserock. The new record was fuelled by the last 12 months in (primarily) British politics. As they say: “a nation circling the drain while forever eyeing the plughole.”

Topics on this 12-song, 32-minute album also include some hardy perennials of left-wing hardcore punk: war, imperialism, the police, and the press. Topics which, at a time where the political landscape could change tectonically between this being written and you reading it, maintain a grim relevance.

This is their first album for One Little Indian Records who issued last years ‘Abandonment EP’. As the press release from the label says: “The energy presented here doesn’t lie. Noise like this could only have come from the exiled and suppressed. Amongst a culture littered with modish attempts at ‘political’ music, egocentric performances of online outrage and compromised media commentary, Bad Breeding engage in an honest and attentive fury that avoids ulterior motive. True to themselves and where they come from, the band fix upon an irrepressible surge of agitation that is, in every sense, important at a time when ‘profit negates life’, when the neglected are ‘left to sink’ and when there seems to be ‘no end to disillusion’.”