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  • Release Date: 16 August 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album. Also available on CD

Our Overview. 

Oh Sees are the brainchild of John Dwyer from San Francisco, California, who has been infecting music fans ears for the last 20 years with his unique brand of garage / psych rock. There has been slight changes to the band name over the years and they really came to prominence as Thee Oh Sees between 2008-16. This new record is their third as just plain Oh Sees.

First single “Poisoned Stones” sees crunchy guitars and jazzy percussion ground the song in its metal roots, while shrill synths alienate Dwyer’s reality with extraterrestrial textures and meandering drones caked in the mix. Fantastic but simple drum fills abound. The closing track “Henchlock” wigs out for some 20 minutes. At first you may think it is a 70s jam band style take off but then the vocals come in and Dwyer and friends zoom off into their own singular trip. It is definitely worth the ride!

John himself suggests that it is: “For fans of fried prog burn out, squished old-school drool, double drums, lead weight bass, wizard keys (now with poison), old-ass guitar and horrible words with daft meanings. If you don’t like it then don’t listen, bub. Back to the comments section with you! Easy. Over and out.”