Floating Being

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  • Release Date: 19 July 2019


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2019 album.

Our Overview.

Earth Tongue, the heavy psychedelic, fuzz duo from Wellington N.Z, describe themselves as “two human beings - Gussie Larkin and Ezra Simons who play loud, energetic, disorientating songs, often with space and/or occult themes.” And their debut release ‘Floating Being’ will not disappointment fans, who have been following their raucous gigs since they formed in 2016 and who draw influence from early 70s psyche and prog rock.

Sometimes music is supposed to feel weird and indescribable. It’s the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic mess that often feels the most satisfying. That’s the space that Earth Tongue occupy. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly- familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace. The one consistent thread through their music, however, is the thick and all encompassing fuzz. Guitarist Gussie Larkin has become a master of the fuzz-smothered riff, and along with Ezra Simons’ off-kilter drumming, they’ve been sending punters into transcendental states since they began gigging in their home town of Wellington in 2016.

‘Floating Being’ will be released this June 21st. The album was pieced together throughout their travels of Australia and Europe, with the finishing touches being added in their hometown. The album contains songs they’ve been playing live for the past year, and it captures the raw, primitive energy that exists within their live performance. Earth Tongue embrace the imperfections in their playing and recording. The last thing they wanted was to create a shiny, over-produced record - with that in mind, they recorded the drums to an old 8-track Tascam reel-to-reel in a friend’s garage in Melbourne. The result is a punchy, raw and fuzzy journey into psych-rock with songs that weave between melodic and jarring. Unexpected twists and turns leave the listener in a disorientated yet satisfying haze.

Their debut ‘Transportable Shrine’ EP was self-released in New Zealand but Floating Getting is released this by means of Bristol (UK)  primarily based independent label Stolen Physique Records – dwelling of a load of cool international bands.