Garland Records Pacific Northwest Snuff Box [Gold vinyl]

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  • Release Date: 11 December 2020


Label Review.

In addition to stellar '60s psych and garage, Salem Oregon's Garland Records churned out some high quality, foot stompin', 'Country & Northwestern' music. Sundazed.

Our Overview.

Unearthed reels from Salem Oregan’s Garland Records and packed with stellar artists ‘Garland Records Pacific Northwest Snuff Box’ comprises rare and unissued Pacific Northwest rootsy Americana! In addition to stellar ‘60s psych and garage, Salem Oregon’s Garland Records churned out some high quality, foot stompin’, ‘Country & Northwestern’ music.

The drive’s cranked all the way up and the needle’s fully in the red for this set of uptempo garage-punk stompers from Salem’s enigmatic Garland Records. Packed with killer, crunchy bass, pummeling drums, in-your-face vocals, and (of course) mountains of fuzz-guitar! Loaded primarily with originals, plus distorted deviations of select known numbers, all ranging from impossibly rare to previously unreleased!.

With Sundazed Music’s acquisition of the Garland Records catalog, you’re in for a coastal flood of great garage rock, pysch, soul, and even some country. But it all starts here with Pacific Northwest Fuzz Box, named after the commonly used distortion pedals that (at least according to our ears) can be heard reverberating through your speaker cones on every track.

One thing that makes this collection extra unique is the abundance of original material. Stellar cuts like “It’ll Come Easy,” “Hip Girl,” and “Transparent Soul” carry the same level of songsmanship you’ll get from the blistering covers of “Black Is Black” (Los Bravos), “Suzie Q” (CCR), “Hit The Road Jack” (Ray Charles) and more! Something fuzzy was happening in the Pacific Northwest and BeatRocket is stoked to be the ones to tell you all about it.

Archived here are a barn load of true Americana from unheard originals like the Cascade Sweethearts’ ‘Hard Workin’ Woman,’ The Heard’s unissued ‘Sweet Thang’ to stunning takes on Bob Dylan & Kris Kristofferson cuts. This is a PNW platter that you’d swear came from south of the Mason Dixon.

Tracklisting: Tippy Toeing by Cascade Sweethearts / Since Daddy’s Not Around by Jim Thompson And The Colts / China Doll by Geronia Coyle And The G-Tones / Hard Workin’ Woman by Cascade Sweethearts / Don’t Be Angry by Chuck Wray / Friends Of Mine by The Heard / You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Dylan) by TYME / Me And Bobby McGee (Kristofferson) by Clint Briggs / Sweet Thang by The Heard / Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got) by Laura / (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got) by Chuck Wray / There’s A Time And A Place For Everything by Hubert Averette And The G-Tones / Fools Hall Of Fame by Clint Briggs