I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore

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  • Release Date: 09 March 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album. Also availbale on Vinyl

Our Overview.

British rockers Moose Blood have brought emo back to the mainstream, blending thoughtful lyricism with guitar-driven choruses. Expounding on their success of 2016’s ’Blush’, the quartet have gotten even more miserable for their latest full-length, ’I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore’. 

The upcoming album marks the band's third studio effort and sees Moose Blood digging into a more introspective sound, discussing the process of growing up and facing many of life's challenges in the process. The record's lyricism also focuses on the group's effort to make the band a full-time career and the consequences that come with pursuing your dreams.

According to the band themselves, this album will be a huge step-up from their debut and sophomore records. Taking the best elements from their old music, the new album will bring a new darker and moodier version of Moose Blood that the world has not seen yet.

Guitarist and secondary vocalist Mark Osborne told Alternative Press about the new record “I approached this as though this could be the last record we ever make, so I wanted to make sure that I’ve done the very best that I possibly can and put everything of myself into it. It’s a step up and it’s a definite progression, and there’s things that sound a slightly different direction. It sounds like a Moose Blood record to me, but it just feels like it has taken on another step. It’s a bit moodier, as well…It wasn’t like we forced ourselves to write something different; it just came out. Just the feeling surrounding everything in the way we wrote this time, I think that’s the way it has progressed. We’ve gone double miserable on this one. Extra miserable”.


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