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  • Release Date: 22 February 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album also available in CD.

Our Overview. 

‘Invincible’ is the new studio album from Michigan’s greatest outsider combo Half Japanese. An inspiration to Kurt Cobain, post grunge deep thinkers and veterans of the “Can’t Play/Will play” fraternity. Pop music for those outside of pop music. Songs for those still bedevilled by one liners and abrasive melodies. Thematically succinct tales of puppet people, vampires and the walking dead juxtaposed with discerning love songs and eternal affection. 

An off-kilter classic that shouldn’t sound right but ultimately does, in the best tradition of The Residents, Richman, Johnston, Brain Wilson at his most bamboozled and any number of out there talents. Uncategorizable, joyous, detuned, quizzical, alluring, childlike, charming, innocent, questioning – invincible.

“Half-Japanese are a respected institution. They've been making noise since the late '70s.” Pop Matters

“Innocent abandon is still at the heart of the band” Pitchfork.