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  • Release Date: 19 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Azerbaijan by way of Turkey up to the Aegean waters through Tunisia and Southern Italy.

Our Overview.

‘Karsilama’ is a striking album from global musicians Abdo/Buda/Marconi who have infused vernacular music into one coherent offering. Born as a causal meeting of the Milanese guitarists Fabio Marconi and Manuel Buda, who were soon joined by the Kurdish musician, Ashti Abdo, the trio Abdo- Buda-Marconi, after two years of hard work and several concerts together, now present their first collaboration ‘Karsilama’.

Imagine this journey: A caravan departing from Azerbaijan reaches the Eastern parts of the Anatolian peninsula, then the Aegean Sea and the shores of Tunisia and Southern Italy. Greek dances perfumed of Otoman sensuality fast, obsessive Rom rhythms, Klezmer tunes w ith Balkan perfumes . Taksim and traditional Kurdish music in which echoes Caucasus and Persian sounds.

On ‘Karsilama’, the sound journey starts from Azerbaijan, to continue in the eastern part of the Anatolian peninsula (Turkey) up to the Aegean waters and go westwards,touching Tunisia and Southern Italy, among others, in a spontaneous and naturalmovement to signify the cultural homogeneity of a sea, the Mediterranean,which has connected co more than divided the countries. Simply evocative and seductive.