Las Olas de Niebla

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  • Release Date: 26 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Flamenco.

Our Overview.

The incomparable Spanish guitar virtuoso Eduardo Niebla, presents his amazing new album ‘Las Olas de Niebla’, which is a spellbinding journey of passion, verve and fleet fingered virtuosity from one of the most potent forces in flamenco jazz fusion. Hailed for exquisite guitar finesse ‘Las Olas de Niebla’ features all original compositions of flamenco, covering world music, jazz, classical and traditional flamenco styles.

Featuring a heady array of guest artist of international acclaim, including: Salvador Niebla: drums (Spain), Deepak Ram: bansuri (USA), Natalia Lomeiko: violin (Russia), Alexei Sarkissov: cello (Russia), Sophie Renshaw: viola (UK), Karenza Peacock: violin (UK), Pavao String Quartet (UK), Deb Sankar: violin (India), Prima Vocal Ensemble (UK), directed by Eva Salecka (Poland), Queen Mary’s School Choir directed by Nick Carter (UK) and the Ackworth School Choir directed by Richard Garbutt (UK).

A master guitarist, Eduardo has traversed the worlds of jazz, classical, world and pop music, collaborating with such diverse artists as pop star Craig David, Juno Reactor, sitar maestro Nishat Khan, avant-garde jazz legend Lol Coxhill and the Dante String Quartet.

”Poignantly poetic...and truly breathtaking.” The Scotsman

”Eduardo - virtuoso? Inventive improviser? Yes and yes. And creative composer too. Writer of beautiful melodies, great grooves...He cast a deep, engrossing spell over the audience which transported them to other places, to the distant past, to India, Arabia, North Africa, Spain - tracing the link between modern Flamenco and the ancient music of India. And then on to the New World, to South and Central America for the rumba.” London Jazz News