Live 1962-1966: Rare Performances From The Copyright Collections

2CD £7.99
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  • Release Date: 27 July 2018


Label Review. 

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings release this 29 song compilation, consisting of previously released but near impossible to find live recordings from 1962-1966 (The Copyright Collections).

Our Overview. 

Between 2012-2014, Sony issued three multi disc sets called The ‘Copyright Collections’ in order to keep huge swathes of unreleased Dylan recordings from 1962-1964 in copyright as per Europe’s new 70 year laws. They were very limited supposedly only 100 of each were manufactured. In 2015, purchasers of the Collector’s Edition of ‘The Cutting Edge’ (Bootleg Series Vol 12) were treated to bonus MP3’s of live material from 1965 while the following year a 36CD box set containing all of Bob’s live recordings from 1966 was released although this was and still is widely available.

And now, Sony is issuing a 2CD ‘sampler’ of all this live material, forming a potted history of Dylan’s formative and most influential years on the stage. The tracks are pulled from various shows including Gerdes Folk City (1962), Town Hall, NY and Carnegie Hall, NY (1963), Royal Festival Hall (1964), various tracks from his UK tour in 1965, five selections from the 1966 tour and more!


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