Live From The Artists Den

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  • Release Date: 26 July 2019


Label Review.

Recorded at The Wiltern in Los Angeles 17th February 2013. 180-gram black audiophile vinyl edition featuring 4 individual jackets, 2-panel insert and a slipcase. Also available on 2CDSuper Deluxe Edition and Blu-Ray.

Our Overview. 

’Soundgarden: Live From the Artists Den’ is an absolute must have for fans worldwide. 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the American rock band who helped create the sound of grunge music and who are one of the most influential bands in rock music the world over, producing a series of generation-changing, multiplatinum-selling, groundbreaking, rock albums during their career.

The release of ’Soundgarden: Live From the Artists Den’ is in conjunction with the Chris Cornell Estate and The Artists Den, hails from a February 17th, 2013 Live From the Artists Den taping at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California that concluded the group’s U.S. winter tour in support of their final album ‘King Animal’. The career-spanning, nearly two-and-a-half hour set comprised 29 songs, which included early song “Hunted Down,” radio hit “Black Hole Sun” and several ‘King Animal’ tracks, such as “By Crooked Steps” and “Been Away Too Long.” Sound garden guitarist Kim Thayil said in a statement ““We were very proud and excited to document the performance of our new material from King Animal, and to celebrate with each other and our fans.”

It also included “Blind Dogs,” which the band performed live for the first time, and is one of 21 songs that have never been featured in a Soundgarden concert film. The LP will be available in several formats. The limited edition Super Deluxe box houses four LPs, two CDs, a photo book and the concert film on Blu-Ray, which also features bonus band interviews alongside other memorabilia. It will also be available on 4-LP colored vinyl (limited edition), 4-LP black vinyl, as well as on Blu-Ray and as a 2-CD set.

Make the most of these sort of band releases though, since Chris Cornell died in 2017, the rest of the band respectfully decided to knock it on the head rather than get a new vocalist involved. ‘Live at the Artists Den’ follows last November’s Chris Cornell compilation, which was classily “stickered” as ‘his first collection’ so it looks like this won’t be the last of the posthumous releases.

‘Soundgarden: Live From the Artists Den’ Track List:

LP 1: Side A 1. Incessant Mace 2. My Wave 3. Been Away Too Long

LP 1: Side B 1. Worse Dreams 2. Jesus Christ Pose 3. Flower 4. Taree

LP 2: Side A 1. Spoonman 2. By Crooked Steps 3. Blind Dogs 4. Rowing

LP 2: Side B 1. Non-State Actor 2. Drawing Flies 3. Hunted Down 4. Black Saturday 5. Bones of Birds

LP 3: Side A 1. Blow Up The Outside World 2. Fell On Black Days 3. Burden In My Hand

LP 3: Side B 1. A Thousand Days Before 2. Blood On The Valley Floor 3. Rusty Cage 4. New Damage 5.

LP 4: Side A 1. 4th Of July 2. Outshined 3. Black Hole Sun

LP 4: Side B 1. Ty Cobb 2. Slaves & Bulldozers 3. FeedBacchanal