Live In San Diego 1968

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Label Review.

Radio Broadcast. Sports Arena on 20th October 1968. Red and purple marble Vinyl. Also available in CD.

Our Overview.

Cream were the British Rock trio that oozed talent from every musical angle, albeit they were only together for two years their influence was immense. They could be considered as the first supergroup to become superstars and the first top group to truly exploit the power trio format, in the process laying the foundation for much blues-rock and hard rock of the 1960s and 1970s. All three of the musicians yearned to break free of the confines of the standard rock/R&B/blues group, in a unit that would allow them greater instrumental and improvisational freedom, somewhat in the mould of a jazz outfit. Eric Clapton’s stunning guitar solos would get much of the adulation, yet Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker was at least as responsible for shaping the group's sound, singing most of the material in his rich voice. He also wrote their best original compositions, sometimes in collaboration with outside lyricist Pete Brown.

Creams short lifespan however, was in hindsight unsurprising given the considerable talents, ambitions, and egos of each of the band members. ’Live In San Diego’ shows Cream at their finest during their Farewell Tour. Worn out by touring and personal disagreements, Cream agreed to disband after a farewell tour in October 1968. Recorded in outstanding fidelity for broadcast on KPRO-FM, this outstanding gig features a cross-section of their best-loved material and clearly indicates why they were regarded as the pre-eminent rock band of their day. It's presented here together with background notes and images.


1. White Room

2. Politician

3. I'm So Glad

4. Sitting On Top Of The World

5. Sunshine Of Your Love

6. Crossroads

7. Train Time

8. Toad

9. Spoonful