Looking Through The Shades

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  • Release Date: 12 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 debut album. Rock. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

‘Looking Through The Shades’ is the shiny new, heady and seductive debut album from Glitterer, the rock band formed in 2017 by Ned Russin, a New Yorker, by way of Northeastern Pennsylvania, a 29-year-old bassist and singer who made his name in music by playing in a band called Title Fight. Up until this point, Russin has written, sung, and played every note of Glitterer's music, but now with ‘Looking Through The Shades’ he has brought collaboration into the fold: there are drums by his brother Ben Russin, a guitar solo by his brother Alex Russin, and production by Alex Giannascoli and Arthur Rizk. Resulting in an album fuelled with dopamine-releasing fuzzy guitars to go with the synths, the bass, and the voice.

The 14 song album contains Glitterer's best-yet sonics and songs; it has been constructed in such a way as to evince a spirit - co-operative, semi-schizophrenic, greater than the sum of its parts - that is proper to rock bands and that is inaccessible to even the least self-involved Soundcloud rappers and bedroom artists. Simply put, ‘Looking Through The Shades’ is the sound of a group of people playing music, together, in a room. Meanwhile, the lyrics are still reluctantly but rigorously self-aware, the choruses are still habit-formingly catchy, and the arrangements still carry not an ounce of excess fat. From the saturated distortion of the opener, “The Race” (“I wish I could look at your life and know it’s mine”), through the road-weary “1001” (“I sang 1,000 songs / didn’t want to sing again”) and the vox-and-bass-only Side B outlier “The News” (“I used to be original”), the listener is simultaneously satiated and left wanting more.

Glitterer have released two EPs ‘Glitterer’ and ‘Not Glitterer’. ‘Looking Through the Shades’ was recorded in the cozy carpeted basement of the Russin family home, in Kingston, Pa. and co-produced by indie-rock prodigy Alex Giannascoli (also known as (Sandy) Alex G) and the Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip, Sumerlands, the 2018 Grammy Awards).