Made Of Rain

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  • Release Date: 09 October 2020


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2020 album. Also available on CD

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Highly influential post punk stars, The Psychedelic Furs release their new album, their first in nearly 30 years, ‘Made Of Rain,’. From its exhilarating opening bars, ‘Made Of Rain’ - sounds like The Psychedelic Furs and them alone. Their peerless permutations of art, aggression and ambience drive the dynamics, and it’s always been this originality which has set them apart, a cut above. If first single “Don’t Believe” is at all representative of ‘Made of Rain’, expect a slightly more bitter Psychedelic Furs than you might be used to. Or perhaps they always have had that bite, and it’s just taking firmer hold with this tight, modern production. Classic sax notes follow the guitar’s breathing melody, trudging with lowered shoulder against the psychedelic swirl of the track. It all bursts free on the hook, as lead vocalist Richard Butler and a chorus of voices call out, “I don’t believe/ I don’t believe you/ Don’t believe me.”

Led by vocal and lyrical genius Richard Butler with his brother Tim on bass, The Psychedelic Furs released seven critically acclaimed studio albums - ‘The Psychedelic Furs” (1980), ‘Talk Talk Talk’ (1981), ‘Forever Now’ (1982), ‘Mirror Moves’ (1984), ‘Midnight To Midnight’ (1987), ‘Book Of Days’ (1989) and ‘World Outside’ (1991). They released many classic singles throughout the ’80’s and into the 90’s, including: “Sister Europe”, “Love My Way”, “The Ghost In You”, “Pretty In Pink”, “Heaven”, “Heartbreak Beat”, “All That Money Wants” and “Until She Comes”. They went on hiatus in 1992 although since 2000 they have frequently got back together to tour but there hasn’t been a new album until now.

The last few years has seen the band’s legend growing, highlighted by the fact they have scored over 150 million streams of their songs worldwide. Their influence since arriving on the post-punk scorched-earth landscape four decades ago has reverberated and resonated from everyone from The Killers to REM to Foo Fighters to Bob Dylan has sung their praises. “I’m aware of the fact that people cite us an influence”, says Richard, “though I don’t often recognise it in their music. It’s gratifying of course, as it is that there’s still an interested and enthusiastic audience for us. That’s an honour.”

Many moons after “Pretty In Pink” (sort of) inspired that John Hughes movie, “Love My Way” has featured in Oscar-winning film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and “The Ghost In You” in sci-fi smash ‘Stranger Things’ showing that The Psychedelic Furs are sounding stronger than ever. As anyone who’s seen the band lately knows, Butler remains one of the most watchable frontmen in the game.

Tracklisting: The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll / Don’t Believe / You’ll Be Mine / Wrong Train / This’ll Never Be Like Love / Ash Wednesday / Come All Ye Faithful / No-One / Tiny Hands / Hide The Medicine / Turn Your Back on Me / Stars


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