My Songs

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  • Release Date: 08 November 2019


Label Review.

2019 album now includes Sting's new live recordings from My Songs Summer 2019 Tour. The CD album will feature a remix added to the original My Songs album (total of 31 tracks) and bundled with a folded tour poster inside an O Card. My Songs Live 1LP features just the new live recordings. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

Bassist and lead singer Sting - a nomenclature given when a fellow musician in the Phoenix Jazzmen caught sight of his black and yellow striped sweater - has forged his name in the annuls of rock history as both the principal songwriter and lead singer with the Police and for his successful, distinguished solo career. And now he is set to present his songs again with the release of ‘My Songs: Live.’

The 11-song set, recorded during his My Songs World Tour earlier this year, follows ‘My Songs’, a collection of revisited and revised versions of his solo and Police songs, which came out during May. The studio set features updated sonics, dynamics and arrangements based on the way the songs have evolved for him over the years. Sting told Billboard at the time that, "I'm constantly tinkering and I'm always wanting to make the songs as contemporary as they can possible be....The songs change every night when I sing them, and I'm always hearing something I haven't actually discovered there. It's discovery within that repetition, too...We just want to recontemporize the stuff."

Evidence of that can be found on ‘My Songs: Live’ most particularly in the livelier, polyrhythmic-flavored first verse of "King of Pain," which flows into an open, airier rendition of "So Lonely" and then a charged "Desert Rose." "Russians," meanwhile, flows into a delicately drawn "Fragile." "This is my life in songs," Sting writes in the live album's insightful song-by-song liner notes. "Some of them reconstructed, some of them refitted, some of them reframed, and all of them with a contemporary focus."

The ‘My Songs’ exercise received a thumbs up from Police drummer Stewart Copeland, who similarly "deranged" the band's song for his movie Everyone Stares. "I thought it was very interesting," Copeland says. "There's nothing that says these songs can only exist in one form. It's fun to do different things with them. I think we all feel license to f*** 'em up if we want."

‘My Songs: Live’ features Dominic Miller and Rufus Miller on guitar, Josh Freese on drums, Kevon Webster on keyboards, Shane Sager on harmonica and backing vocalists Gene Noble and Melissa Musique.

As for future recordings, Sting told Billboard before ‘My Songs' release that, "I'd like to make something totally new. I don't know what that is, what it sounds like or what it looks like. I just have to trust that the muse will appear. I've written hundreds of songs, but I can't tell you how I should do it. I don't really know. I'm always happy when they materialize, but if I knew exactly where that button is that you press that suddenly makes that happen, then I'd keep pressing it. But, you know, it shifts all the time. You always think that the last song you wrote is the last song you'll ever write -- which is probably a good way to think."