No. 1

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  • Release Date: 12 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 album.

Our Overview.

Montreal based band Pottery’s new debut 7 track EP ‘No.1’ feels like a collection of songs beamed in from a bygone era but in no way does it sound dusty or aged, Pottery sound fresh and vibrant, albeit with a vintage sounding twang.

According to Pottery’s Facebook page, the five piece want you to “get on your feet, feel sick and dirty.” ‘No.1’ is tightly wound enough to make you slide on those dancing shoes, given the extended player’s jaunty sound, whether it’ll make you “feel sick and dirty” is dependent on your appetite for its wanton quirkiness. If you were to take the jangly nuances from 60s pop, merge it with some trippy psychedelia, sprinkle in some surf and rev up the urgency, that’s ‘No. 1’s sonic cocktail.

Hailing from across Canada and the UK, Pottery consists of core writers Austin Boylan and Jacob Shepansky, along with Peter Baylis, Paul Jacobs and Tom Gould. Initially bonding over artists such as Orange Juice, Josef K and Devo, the band create a sound that combines eclectic traces of post-punk, pop and dance music, forming an unusualatmosphere that envelopes audiences.

While often shrill and jarring, Pottery’s songs simultaneously engage listeners into a hypnotic state. It’s this dualism that binds them together, uncovering harmony within discord. Hailed as one of the hottest acts at 2019’s SXSW and The Great Escape Festival, Pottery sound like an act untethered by current trends and the zeitgeist; a band marching to the sound of their very own drumbeat.

Pottery’s debut mini album ‘No. 1’, is available for the first time on Vinyl, via Partisan Records and contains a digital download card.

“This Canadian band are ones to keep an eye on”. The Fader

“Remarkable”. The 405

“Irresistible”. Consequence of Sound

“It’s a druggy stimulant, moving with a lo-fi mania, wired, jangly guitars, and yelping vocals.”. Stereogum