No Tourists

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  • Release Date: 02 November 2018


Label Review.

2018 album also available in Vinyl.

Our Overview.

'No Tourists’ is the new album from The Prodigy and their seventh following ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ released 2015. In a career approaching 30 unpredictable, uncompromising years, The Prodigy have become that rare artist whose influence can be felt across all walks of life. Continually defining (and re-defining) electronic music, the band have clocked up a staggering 6 number 1 albums, played to many millions around the world, and remain as relevant and respected as ever.

Though much has changed in the musical and social landscape, what remains a constant is The Prodigy's resolute focus on following their own path, their own way. This, perhaps, is the true meaning of 'No Tourists', and in 2018 the anger, urgency,and irrepressible spirit of The Prodigy has no doubt never been more needed.

‘No Tourists’ was written, produced and mixed by Liam Howlett at his London’s Kings Cross studio. Though this is very much a band album. Maxim and Keef are very much present and correct, each supplying their legendary vocal skills and whilst there are one or two collaborators, but fundamentally this is the sound of the Prodigy.