Perpetual Groove

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  • Release Date: 31 May 2019


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2019 album. Also available on vinyl

Our Overview.

American quartet Perpetual Groove are releasing their self titled album and it has been a wait for fans of the veteran jam acts fans. In the tumultuous decade that followed the release of their last last full length album 2009 ‘Heal’ Perpetual Groove caught everyone by surprise in 2015 when they returned to the stage after a two-year hiatus. The band performed eight weekends that year, over multi-night runs, to sold-out shows in some of their favourite cities across the America, thus ringing in a new chapter for Perpetual Groove. The band resolved to make a big change by taking the time to craft, and bring to focus, music that stays true to their creative vision. 

That change is here on their new self-titled album. The band recruited producers Jason Kingsland and Tim Friesen to help them accomplish the most engaging and sonically-gratifying Perpetual Groove album to date. While recording at The Fidelitorium in Kernersville, NC and Studio MG in Roswell, GA, the band and producers engineered an album that will define Perpetual Groove for years to come. Seven new songs were written by the band specifically for this album representing all that life brings—loss, redemption, and hope.

Hunkering down for all of 2018 in recording studios in North Carolina and Georgia and forgoing the usual road test for new material, the Athens based collective - lineup of guitarist Brock Butler, keyboardist Matt McDonald, bassist Adam Perry and drummer Albert Suttle - emerged in the new year with seven songs that represent all that life brings. The inimitable lyrical style of Brock Butler and Adam Perry focus on loss, redemption, hope and is balanced with a sonic cerebral and emotional undertow. Perpetual Groove’s 2019 self titled offering just might be the band redefining itself for the next generation.

Perpetual Groove continues to create a cultivated, unique experience for each live show. This new chapter for Perpetual Groove showcases the continuing evolution of their music and performances. This is a band that is fully realised and ready to bring their new sound, storytelling, and live experience to the masses.