Purple Blue

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  • Release Date: 15 June 2018


Label Review.

1996 album. Sub Pop. Newly re-released LP out of print since 1996.

Our Overview.

Eric's Trip was a Canadian indie rock band hailing from Moncton, New Brunswick. They were born of intense emotions, which have been articulated starkly in their music together and apart. Led by shy but visionary artist Rick White, the band came of age in indie rock's golden era, the early '90s, when DIY was still the domain of serious musicians determined to express themselves without compromise. White and creative/romantic partner Julie Doiron had a star-crossed love affair and collaborative union that produced powerfully intimate and influential music. Their alliance with like-minded souls Chris Thompson and Mark Gaudet made Eric's Trip one of the most dynamic, punk-infused rock bands ever, while also fostering some equally intriguing solo work.

White described their sound as “sappy melodic pop music on top of thick distortion”. They were the first Canadian band to be signed to Sub Pop Records, and the band broke up in 1996 (they subsequently reunited in 2001, and again inAugust 2006.)

‘Purple Blue’ is Eric’s Trip’s third album, and it was originally released in 1996. It has been out of print on vinyl since its original, 1996 pressing. Packaged in a single-pocket jacket with custom dust sleeve.

‘Forever Again’ is the band’s second full-length, and their follow-up to their Sub Pop debut, 1993’s ‘Love Tara’. It was recorded in 1994 at guitarist Rick White’s home studio, Stereo Mountain. It has been out of print on vinyl since its original, 1994 pressing. Packaged in a single-pocket jacket with poster.


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