Quiet and Peace

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  • Release Date: 02 March 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album. Also available on vinyl.

Our Overview. 

In the three decades since first convening at the University of Massachusetts, Buffalo Tom singer-guitarist Bill Janovitz, bassist-vocalist Chris Colbourn and drummer Tom Maginnishave built a formidable body of work. Having first made its mark with a raw, raucous approach that put the band at the forefront of the ‘90s alt-rock explosion, the intrepid trio has consistently revealed new layers of musical and emotional depth, as manifested in the bittersweet ballads, soul-searching songcraft and rousing rock tunes that make up the new album ‘Quiet and Peace’.

The consistently compelling 11-song set (on the band’s own Scrawny label, in association with Schoolkids Records) finds the band simultaneously mining their best-known sonic elements while breaking new ground on emotionally resonant new tunes such as “All Be Gone,” “Overtime,” “Roman Cars,” “Freckles” and “CatVMouse”.


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