Redemption (Yellow vinyl)

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  • Release Date: 21 September 2018


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2018 album. Also available in CDCD+ and Vinyl.

Our Overview. 

Blues Rock Guitarist Joe Bonamassa releases his new album ‘Redemption’ with 12 stunning new tracks via his own Record Label J&R Adventures. ‘Redemption’, Bonamassa’s 13th solo studio album and third in a row of all original material, sees him at his most ambitious yet as he continues to redefine and push the barriers of blues-rock. It features a staggering collection of 12 songs that weave effortlessly through an assortment of genres and reflect the artistic re-birth that he is currently experiencing. “I’m going through some other stuff in my life I didn’t expect to be going through. It’s a rising, it’s contrition, it’s acceptance, it’s everything. It’s painful, but knowing that there’s a rising coming,” he explains.

The album reunites Bonamassa with some of Nashville’s finest music minds such as Tom Hambridge, James House, Gary Nicholson as well as Richard Page and American rock and roll legend Dion DiMucci (The Wanderer, Run-around Sue) whom adds his song writing expertise to the Title Track. Joe also continues his long creative relationship with Kevin Shirley and together create an album bigger than ever before. “From a Producer’s perspective, this is far and away the most challenging and diverse album that Joe has ever made, “ says Shirley.

There is a resounding theme of redemption and salvation on the album, but also very much a sense of strength and empowerment. “We all need to be redeemed at some point in our lives. It’s this yearning to redeem yourself after just this tremendous loss and this tremendous feeling of pain,” explains Bonamassa.

Bonamassa is at his ultimate creative peak with ‘Redemption’, which follows the recent release of his last live masterpiece, British Blues Explosion Live, that debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Blues Chart and marked his 20th No.1 album. Bonamassa’s fire is unstoppable both in the studio and live on the road.


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