Rich Kid Blues

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Label Review. 

1971 album. Produced by Mike Leander, an intriguing album of spare, largely acoustic readings of folk / rock songs, including several Bob Dylan covers, as well as songs by Phil Ochs, George Harrison, Cat Stevens, Tim Hardin, James Taylor and Sandy Denny. Edsel. Also available on CD

Our Overview. 

The album was recorded in 1971 at Trident Studios but was shelved following it’s completion and wouldn’t see the light of day until thirteen years later when it was released as ‘Rich Kid Blues’ (with a new track-order) following Marianne’s resurgence after the release of ‘Broken English’.

There is something very desirable about this point in the evolution of Ms. Faithfull’s voice. It’s something that was only hinted at in earlier recordings like “Is This What I Get for Loving You?” and “In My Time of Sorrow” and realized during the “Sister Morphine” sessions. The fragile delicate quality of her voice on those early records is sunken, slightly, and the fragility has turned to something of desperation, maybe even unabashed loneliness, but she has yet to turn. The bile of ‘Broken English’ is still brewing somewhere deep and has yet to spew out the surface. This, unfortunately, is the only album Ms. Faithfull completed with this particular voice.

This collection of tracks is easily Faithfull’s most vulnerable performance on record as well as one of her most rewarding. It can easily be held in such high regard as records like Vashti Bunyan’s ‘Just Another Diamond Day’, Sibylle Baier’s ‘Colour Green’, and Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon’. (From

Marianne Faithfull had this to say about the 1971 recordings: “The record itself is very strange and ghostly. It’s the voice of somebody incredibly high, probably on the edge of death. They always sound like that. Johnny Thunders sounds like that. Anybody who heard that record would have said, ‘Well that’s that. We’ll never hear from her again’.”


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