Rosalie Cunningham

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  • Release Date: 26 July 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album from former Purson founder. Also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

English singer-songwriter Rosalie Cunningham is releasing her much anticipated eponymous new solo album, which proves Rosalie can thrive in multiple universes, accomplish any genre she chooses and grow as a musician and songwriter with every song she writes. Since her celebrated band Purson played its final gig in December 2016, she has been quietly reinventing her career and is emerging from her self-imposed “musical hibernation” as the visionary solo artist she always was. 

Across eight genre-spanning tracks, fans will be able to hear the incredible progression in both style and substance. With psychedelic roots still firmly in place, her music is still chock full of the drama and performance that typified her previous work, alongside an evolution in her song writing craft; this album shows off the growth as a writer in the past two years.

Rosalie’s new album is the result of an extended period of reflection and will contain her strongest and most daring songwriting to date, ranging from a three minute Blackbird-esque nod to her creative hero Sir Paul McCartney, to an epic prog rock saga that will take the listener on the mother of all sonic journeys.

She says the new material is “not a million miles away” from Purson’s sound and that the new-look band will be “a vehicle for my songs and go under my name – or with and ‘and the somethings’ – but I’m looking for kindred spirits, exceptional talent and excitement.” She continues: “It has to be a band where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. If you are into my Purson material, it’s not a million miles away but it’s more mature. More about honest, powerful songwriting and less about the bells and whistles. Not to say that there won’t still be generous helpings of psychedelia.”

For Rosalie, 28, her creative spring has finally blossomed, though not without a few birth pangs. She explains: “After Purson came to an end, I continued to write songs, not for an album, a band or anything in particular, it was purely cathartic. Being subconsciously released from the shackles of writing music for a band to perform live let me express myself more honestly. Some of the lyrics are quite close to the bone and I’ve found myself exploring new genres.

“Without any perceived pressure, I could take plenty of time over arrangements and that has benefitted the musical landscape compared with previous work. Everything is in its right place without feeling contrived. It also helped spawn great diversity as I wasn’t trying to make it a cohesive body of work, although I feel it has naturally become one.”

“Rosalie... is one of the most exciting rock musicians to come along in ages. She has that indefinable magnetic quality that rock stars are made of.” Shawn Dudley, ProgRadar.

“Rosalie Cunningham is a rock star… she exudes an effortless charisma and quiet confidence. The music she makes is meticulously but lovingly designed to blow minds.” Nigel Carr, Louder Than War.