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2019 album.

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John Floreani - frontman of Austrailian punk rock outfit Trophy Eyes - is releasing his first full length solo album entitled ‘sin’, which is his first release since his 2016 solo single “Cleveland, OH” and hot on the heels from Trophy Eyes promoting their latest record ‘The American Dream’ 2018.

Talking about his solo project which will no longer go by the name Little Brother and instead just John Floreani, the young vocalist said, “This project serves as an authentic, deep knee jerk reaction to the shallow lyrical themes of modern pop.” An album on which John explores the acoustic, melodic, and eccentric side of his songwriting in this emotional collection of songs. With powerful vocals and catchy melodies, ‘sin’ celebrates the beauty in romantic tragedy.

With musical influences ranging from indie pop/alt rock to folk/Americana, the 8-track album is the highly anticipated follow up to Floreani’s previously released EP ‘Terrace’ (2014). It’s a lyrical deep dive into heartache, addiction and self-loathing, stylistically portrayed as Johnny Cash dipped in Neon.

Floreani dropped the first single and music video from sin for fans to enjoy. “Echoes” is a cinematic anthem full of string arrangements and unique percussion that build into massive choruses. On the track, Floreani shares “Echoes is about the memories, love and emotion one leaves behind in a home after moving on. My partner and I lived in North Sydney for a while, and when she moved back to Texas, I had to go and clear the house of our furniture and belongings. As I walked through the house, I could see her dancing in the kitchen, drinking wine on the couch and inviting me to bed from the hallway.”

Recorded and mixed by Shane Edwards (Trophy Eyes, Hans Zimmer), the 8-track album is the pursuit of happiness and all that is good, built on a foundation of vice and evil-doing. “This project serves as an authentic, deep knee jerk reaction to the shallow lyrical themes of modern pop” shares Floreani on the upcoming album.


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