Social Cues

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  • Release Date: 19 April 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

Kentucky rock band Cage The Elephant are back with their fifth album ‘Social Cues’. Social Cues was written while frontman Matt Shultz was grappling with the dissolution of a relationship. In an effort to better sort through everything, he “explored the hidden recesses of his psyche, creating characters to tell different parts of his personal story. Shultz leaned into the darkness of his divorce. “I saw a depth of potential evil that I had never experienced firsthand,” he says. Watching Netflix’s ‘I Am a Killer’, he started writing from the perspective of “this character: this soft-spoken, shy-eyed murderer.”

After nearly a decade, Cage had their biggest success with 2015’s ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’, produced by Dan Auerbach, which earned the group a Grammy for Best Rock Album. After that, they wanted to be more ambitious. Inspired by how Brian Jones played unconventional instruments on Stones classics like “Under My Thumb,” they decided to get members on instruments they weren’t used to — guitarist Nick Bockrath traded guitar for Mellotron for the propulsive opener, “Broken Boy,” and for pedal steel on the psychedelic anthem “Black Madonna.”

The album is produced by John Hill, who has worked with high-profile names like Florence + The Machine, Santigold and Portugal. ‘Social Cues’ will also feature a guest appearance by pop provocateur Beck.