Some Cities (White vinyl)

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  • Release Date: 31 May 2019


Label Review. 

2005 album.

Our Overview.

Having been on a hiatus since 2010 and with the recent news of the Doves reforming, gigging and writing new material together, the Doves are releasing their first 3 albums - ‘Lost Souls’ 2000, ‘The Last Broadcast’ 2002 and ’Some Cities’ 2005 - on limited edition coloured Vinyl.

‘Some Cities’ 2005 is the Doves third studio album and like it’s predecessor ‘The Last Broadcast’ 2002 it topped the UK Album Charts at No.1. ‘Some Cities’ beams with a revivified looseness and in the three years since ‘The Last Broadcast’ the band had cultivated a better understanding of their strengths and limitations - whilst keeping with Doves natural sound, there is certainly a more hazy, atmosphere heavy direction on this release.

Strands of angst and pessimism course through Doves' music, and ‘Some Cities’ hones this aesthetic push-and-pull, featuring some of the band's darkest and prettiest music to date. Furthermore, those two stylistic extremes aren't always mutually exclusive. The album is the bands most confident and consistent—it relies on distortion to put a little pleasurable abrasion into a set of songs rooted in populist uplift.