Step By Step

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  • Release Date: 26 July 2019


Label Review.

1972 album. Fuzz-laden psychedelic guitar funk! Also available on White Vinyl.

Our Overview.

A reissue of the great master of  guitar funk from the Detroit axeman, Eddy Senay. Eddy's second opus ’Step By Step’, brings Senays’ singular style to a set of indispensable instrumentals chock full of finesse. On this album Eddy is again backed by a crew of masterful musicians, and together they employ a wide range of influences including Latin flows and vivid themes that are befitting of Blaxploitation cinematics. Featuring the oft-sampled fiery funk of Cameo!

Eddy’s second and final Sussex effort hones his music to a lean, mean edge. For a record so loose and laid-back on its surface ’Step By Step’ contains not a single superfluous note or accoutrement, creating fierce funk grooves from only the most essential elements. Recorded in collaboration with keyboardist/arranger Rudy Robinson and The Funk Brothers, percussionist Eddie “Bongo Brown” the songs emphasise form and structure in equal balance, employing a far more varied creative palette than on the preceding ‘Hot Thang’ an album that consisted of blissed-out grooves, and deeply soulful guitar to forge a series of instrumentals that twist and turn like rides at an amusement park. Cuts like "Delgado" and "Shakedown" embrace Latin rhythms, while "Safari" draws on the blaxploitation lexicon to underline the cinematic imagination underpinning Senay’s guitar. Long out of print. Enjoy it while you can it is a gem.


1. Sarko East

2. Delgado

3. Cameo

4. Shakedown

5. Phase

6. Safari

7. Shakeero

8. Soul Preachin’