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Label Review.

2019 album.

Our Overview.

‘Telling’ is the debut album that has taken some 6 years to be realised from American band Friend Of My Youth, who originally formed in 2013 by guitarist/singer Indiana Laub and drummer Andy McCumber, living in Santa Barbara, CA. After six months of playing together, a self-titled tape release, and a handful of shows, Laub moved to Corvallis, Oregon and Friend Of My Youth went on a hiatus of sorts. The future of the band was just uncertain.

Fast forward several years and despite almost 1000 miles separating Laub and McCumber, they were able to travel back and forth, play more gigs, and write new music in borrowed practice spaces. More years passed, and with the help of newfound bassist Spencer Burnette-McGrath, Friend Of My Youth persevered. Although McCumber still lives in California and Laub and McGrath reside in Oregon, they’ve at last finished recording their debut album ‘Telling’.

‘Telling’ is about processing and reprocessing memory and trauma and weird feelings over and over until the point of feeling like an alien around everyone you know. It’s also about being obsessed with science fiction and alternate timelines. Many of the songs came out of the idea that maybe we have to repeat harmful and unhealthy cycles forever without even realising what we’re doing, across generations, or maybe we dont?

“Ancestral” is the first single from ‘Telling’. The song opens up with a moody, chameleon of a guitar riff. As the drums and bass guitar enter, they too are quickly revealed to be shape shifters. The structure reorganises as quickly as it is established. Guitar patterns transform from emotively straightforward into something busier and more twinkly. Both parts in the rhythm section follow suit; the meter is doubled as the song picks up its pace. This kickstarts the prevalent back and forth swaying demeanour throughout “Ancestral.”

Recorded and mixed by Nathan Lawson at our practice space. Mastered by Bill at Azimuth Mastering.