The American Dream

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  • Release Date: 03 August 2018


Label Review.

2018 album also available in Vinyl.

Our Overview.

Trophy eyes release their new album ‘The American Dream’. Founded in 2013, the edgy Aussie punk unit issued their long-player, Mend, Move On, via Hopeless Records in 2014. The following year saw Trophy Eyes make their Vans Warped tour debut, and in 2016 they released their sophomore outing, Chemical Miracle, delivering a lethal blend of melodically charged punk-pop and muscular crossover/hardcore invokes names like Touche Amore, Title Fight, Crime in Stereo, and the Amity Affliction.

‘The American Dream’ melds the spikier elements of the emo rock band's back catalogue and right from the off, it's got some ear-grabbing lyrics, as an anthemic hook bellows: "Some of our friends sell drugs / but I just sell sad songs." Frontman John Floreani explains the song is a reaction to the negative, sometimes judgemental treatment bands receive online.

"In many ways, ‘You Can Count on Me’ is a push back - a voice for those who choose not to defend themselves against the growing torch and pitchfork mentality that encircles performers in the era of modern music. Artists used to be a respected breed. With the uprising of social media, it’s as if listeners think they know us. They follow our every move and make judgments on our character based on a photo they may have seen, or a statement someone may have made."

"This record is about my life in present time and a reflection on who I was and how I got here," Floreani says."As much of the other Trophy Eyes works have been the hate, violence, addiction and heartbreak I fought so desperately to leave behind, this record is about shedding one’s past, transitioning from boy to man, making a home and wanting nothing more in life than to sit and enjoy the silence."