The Blanc Tapes

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  • Release Date: 04 August 2017


Label Review.

All three of the Edsel 3CD reissues bundled in a slipcase. Edsel. Also available on Vinyl - 6LP.

Our Overview.

‘The Blanc Tapes’ is the much awaited - and long overdue - release of 80’s British synth pop duo Blancmange who burst onto the scene with the singles “Living On The Ceiling” and “Blind Vision” which was a masterclass in catchy and addictive delicious tunes of that period.

Now we have the beautiful box set of Blancmange’s first three albums - ‘Happy Families’ (1982), ‘Mange Tout’ (1984) and ‘Believe You Me’ (1985). Each gatefold 2LP release includes the original album (remastered), plus B-sides, extended versions, remixes, previously unreleased tracks and demos. Digital download card included.

As Moby (musician and producer) commented “Listening to Blancmange obsessively. Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time.” So now you have a chance to relive and basque in their unique sound.

‘Happy Families’ feels like a fully-formed electronic pop classic. Highlights include ‘Living On The Ceiling’ (a striking No.7 hit in 82 thanks to its mix of electronics with tabla and sitar), the melancholia of ‘Waves’, ‘Feel Me’s call-and-response electro-funk, the intense ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘God’s Kitchen’, which is an early example of Neil Arthur’s gift with images and wordplay.

Blancmange’s second album, ‘Mange Tout’, reached No. 8 in the UK Charts in 1984 and spawned more hits - notably ‘Blind Vision’ (No.10), ‘Don’t Tell Me’ (#8) and their fantastic cover of ABBA’s ‘The Day Before You Came’ (much loved by ABBA, who let them use footage from their original video for the Blancmange promo). It signals another change for the band’s music, now increasingly built around deep, propulsive dance grooves.

The third and final Blancmange album of the 1980s, ‘Believe You Me’, was released in 1985 and features bitter-sweet pop songs such as ‘Lose Your Love’, ‘Don’t You Love It All’ and ‘What’s Your Problem.’Blancmange will tour UK from April to May 2017.


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