The Later Years 1987-2019

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  • Release Date: 13 December 2019


Label Review. 

An 18-disc set (5xCDs, 6xBlu-Rays, 5xDVDs, 2x7 plus exclusive photo book and memorabilia) covering the material created by David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright from 1987 onwards. 5CDs, contained in their own 60 page, hardback book, containing a guide to all content, tracklistings, exhaustive content detail and credits. CD1: 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' Remixed & Updated. CD2&3 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder Remixed. CD4: Live Recordings 1987 & 1994 Unreleased Studio Recordings. CD5: Knebworth Concert 1990. 6 x Blu-rays, each contained in a gatefold wallet with dedicated cover art, including tracklistings and music publishing credits. Discs contained in protective plastic sleeves inside wallet. BR1: Surround & Hi-res Audio Mixes. BR2: 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder' Restored & Remixed. BR3: 'Pulse' Restored & Re-edited. BR4: Venice Concert 1989 & Knebworth Concert 1990. BR5: Unreleased Live Films Music Videos & Concert Screen Films. BR6: Documentaries & Unreleased Material. 5 x DVDs (duplicating the content of Blu-rays 2-6 above), each contained in a gatefold wallet with dedicated cover art, including tracklistings and music publishing credits.

Our Overview. 

Following on from 2016’s ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’ mega box set, comes a second collection of unreleased and cleaned up material from Pink Floyd, one the world’s biggest bands. This box covers the underrated final act of the bands long and storied career when guitarist David Gilmour assumed the helm following the departure of founder member Roger Waters. This period also saw the return of keyboardist Richard Wright who had left the band in 1981 while drummer Nick Mason remained the only member to have been in the group from the very beginning.

The bands first album post-Waters was ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’ (1987) which receives a makeover in this set. The original album saw Mason leaving some of the drums to seasoned session players Jim Keltner and Carmine Appice whilst Wright who was still out of the group at the start of the project was drafted in late in the day to contribute and subsequently their presence wasn’t really felt on the album. This has been rectified with the albums new sonic look - Mason has recorded new drum tracks whilst Wright’s overdubs have been pulled into the mix to create an album which has more input from the primary members of the group.

The tour which accompanied this comeback album commenced in September 1987 and ran around the world until the following Summer. The live album ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ (1988) covered this tour and it has not only been remixed for this set but 6 bonus tracks have been added. Three tracks recorded in Atlanta in 1987 which appeared as b-sides are also included on Disc 4. The film to accompany the album is finally issued on DVD/Blu-ray for the first time and it has been restored and remixed for this release. Additional films of their Venice 1989 and Knebworth 1990 shows are also included. The audio for the full Knebworth show also appears for the first time.

The band reformed in 1993 to prepare a new album ‘The Division Bell’ (1994) and several outtakes from the sessions are in the box. The live film Pulse (1995) has been re-edited for this release with a restored picture. The other main event is the bands final album ‘The Endless River’ (2014) which is accompanied by a film by the bands original animator Ian Emes. There is much more besides in this overflowing box of delights!