The S.L.P. (White vinyl)

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  • Release Date: 30 August 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album. Serge from Kasabian side project. Also includes a CD insert and poster. Also available on CD

Our Overview. 

The S.L.P. is the latest project by Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno, songwriter and creative force behind Kasabian. Pizzorno conceived the project while Kasabian was on a one-year hiatus, when he found himself wanting to explore the “extreme sides of my personality” as “an outlet to keep me sane.” He recorded and produced the 11-track album himself at his Leicester studio.

First single, “Favourites” is about identity in the digital age. Serge says: “We live in a time when most people are pretending to be somebody else through their online persona – and somehow this false identity drives us further from who we truly are. I was interested in how online dating is a sort of snapshot of this identity crisis. Through the speed and structure of the song, I wanted to capture the feeling of the real you inside your head trying to get out and escape during a first date. It’s a dialogue between two people who are coming to terms with their true selves through their digital interaction becoming a physical one.”

One other song released before the album, “Nobody Else” with it’s House Music feel suggests a very diverse collection of songs from the Kasabian frontman. Serge has made his intention to explore genres very clear. “I started to learn jazz chords,” he explains. “It’s so important, that innocence of just exploring and experimenting, when you’ve got that little part of you going ‘can I get away with that?’”