The Swan Song Years 1974-1982

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  • Release Date: 02 August 2019


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'Bad Company', 'Straight Shooter' (2015 remasters), 'Run with the Pack', 'Burnin’ Sky' (2017 remasters), 'Desolation Angels' and 'Rough Diamonds' (2019 remasters).

Our Overview. 

This new box set collects the six albums Bad Company, one of the most acclaimed bands of the classic rock era, created from their birth in 1974 to when they broke up in 1982. The English band put its indelible stamp on rock ‘n’ roll with a straight-ahead, no-frills musical approach that has resulted in the creation of some of the most timeless rock anthems ever. Led by the incomparable singer and songwriter Paul Rodgers, arguably the finest singer in rock ‘n’ roll and a huge songwriting talent.

Rodgers formed the band in 1973 following the demise of his former band Free (“All Right Now”). He forged a friendship with Mott The Hoople’s guitarist Mick Ralphs who then left that band to start Bad Company with Paul and King Crimson bassist/vocalist Boz Burrell, plus drummer Simon Kirke. The band was an instant hit worldwide - their 1974 self-titled debut went platinum five times over and featured the smash hits, “Can’t Get Enough,” (a Number One single) and “Movin’ On” along with electrifying rock anthems like “Ready For Love,” “Rock Steady” and the title track.

Over the next eight years the classic tracks stacked up including “Feel Like Makin Love”, “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”, “Youngblood” and “Rock N Roll Fantasy”. The group didn’t shy away from expanding on their hard rock template employing strings and adding other favours into the mix. The group’s affinity for country music was evident throughout Desolation Angels. The western-flavored “Evil Wind” was a noteworthy example. “‘Evil Wind’ was a strong track,” states Kirke. “That was full of Paul’s tumbleweed-across-the-plains imagery. I think Paul was a cowboy or one of those bounty hunters in another life.”

After the release of the Top 30 album Rough Diamonds in 1982, Rodgers left the band to take time off and to eventually pursue a Grammy nominated acclaimed solo career. “Looking back, we stopped at the right time,” recalls Ralphs. “Paul wanted a break and truthfully we all needed to stop. Bad Company had become bigger than us all and to continue would have destroyed someone or something. From a business standpoint, it was the wrong thing to do, but Paul’s instinct was absolutely right.”

The group later reformed without Rodgers for another run in the late 80s and into the 90s but today Rodgers and Kirke head the current line-up still touring the rock classics. This box set shows the band at their creative peak and all six albums are now remastered in one place.