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2019 album.

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Toebow unleashes their Cartoon Psych Pop LP, ‘Themes’, on the heals of 2018’s debut EP, ‘Spirit Mane’. Wacky by nature but severe in execution, Toebow artfully straddles the border between sincerity and goofiness .Toebow was formed a few years back by veterans of the NYC music scene, including members of BOBBY and Zula. The Brooklyn-based psych-pop band showcases a tapestry of positive, upbeat sounds that are at times odd and unexpected but remain palatable and accessible. Quirky guitar lines flutter over bouncy bass and rumbling percussion, while smooth male-female vocal harmonies, lush synth lines and the occasional drum machine tie the gentle chaos neatly together.

Toebow (pronounced tō-bō), who have been marinating and simmering their music in the New York music scene for a few years now, is not only a band, it is a state of mind and a world of its own. Toebow is playful and lighthearted, yet also severe—a progressive cartoon rock soundtrack forged from the inner goofs of the human soul. Originally formed in 2013 by close friends and alumni of defunct indie dream-pop group Bobby, Toebow has evolved from a casual guitar project to a formidable five-piece band with a large arsenal of songs. The music is a tapestry of duelling guitar lines, rumbling drum parts, nebulous synth tones, and lush vocal harmonies.

The former members of BOBBY in Toebow include Martin Zimmermann and Maia Friedman. Zimmermann provided guitar, vocals, drum programming, drums and synthesiser while Friedman added synthesiser, vocals and organ. The other three members are Jo-Anne Hyun (bass, vocals and synthesiser), Nate Ulsh (guitar, vocals and synthsesiser) and Charlie Kessenich (drums, vocals, guitar, glockenspiel). Hyun recently contributed to Zula’s latest release, 2019’s ‘Stepping’ EP.


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