Transmission Suite

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  • Release Date: 11 October 2019


Label Review.

2019 album from UK Acid House pioneers. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

The dance floor kings Graham Massey & Andy Barker -aka 808 State pioneered Acid House Music back in 1987, making a name for themselves as embodying the sound of the future and over 30 years later they are still pushing boundaries while simultaneously embracing their decades-long history. And now the Mancunian electronic music pioneers are returning with ‘Transmission’ Suite, their first new album since 2002.

Outpost Transmission, the last original material from the band, came out in 2002. 808 State music has appeared since then in the form of remixes and the occasional edit and the band have continued to play live, but it wasn’t until last year that Graham Massey and Andrew Barker decided to reconvene with a view to working on a significant new tranche of material.

“We’re trying to make a future for other people to immerse themselves in. It feels a bit like an imaginary landscape. That’s always been a big part of 808 State, when you go back through the music: these kind of landscapes of futurism.” Graham Massey

‘Transmission’ was recorded in the former nerve centre of the Granada broadcasting empire in Manchester’s City Centre, some of its tracks are haunted by their home city’s industrial past - and, for that matter, the influence of classic Detroit techno - but the whole thing stays true to the band’s career-long focus on what comes next.

“The upcoming Initial Granada Report EP shows they’ve after a 16-year break from releasing material they have not lost that ability to tear up the dancefloor” - Analogue Trash

“Tokyo Tokyo is about getting people to dance. 16 years was too long to wait but it was worth it!” - Analogue Trash

“Always at the cutting edge, they’ve moved things forward once again. Brilliant stuff. - Backseat Mafia

Tokyo Tokyo reveals 808 State in robust mode, alive and well, and turns out to be a much satisfying and promising harbinger of the rest of the new music expected from the long serving band - Destroy / Exist