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Label Review. 

Fictitious Sports (1981) / Profiles (1985) / White of The Eye (1987). Available for the first time on CD in the UK are Nick Mason of Pink Floyd’s solo work. His first album features Carla Bley while the second was in collaboration with Rick Fenn (10cc). White of The Eye is a soundtrack, again with Rick Fenn. As far as we can tell, this soundtrack has not been commercially available before. Also available on vinyl

Our Overview. 

Pink Floyd had a very generous ‘solo’ clause in their contract which offered a tasty advance for any extra-curricular activity from the four members. David Gilmour and Rick Wright both issued their debut solo albums in 1978 following the Animals world tour and prior to work beginning on ‘The Wall’. The massive project which became a double album in 1979 and then an elaborate set of live shows over 1980 & 1981 used up the band members time during this period. However, drummer Nick Mason, perhaps the least likely of the quartet to release a solo record, took advantage of the money on the table to produce an album under his own name: ‘Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports’.

In fact, the album was recorded in October 1979, just as ‘The Wall’ album was getting ready for release. It was finished off the following year before sitting on the shelf until May 1981 which is when it was finally put out. The album was really a Carla Bley record (who wrote the songs and played keys) with vocals by Robert Wyatt - Nick played drums and produced. Unfortunately, few fans bought the album but that didn’t prevent Mason from trying again in 1985 when he teamed up with 10cc’s Rick Fenn for ‘Profiles’. Despite the appearance of Nick’s band mate David Gilmour and ‘Taggart’ singer Maggie Reilly, this latest collection also failed to excite Floyd fans at the time.

Mason and Fenn worked together again in 1987, this time for a film soundtrack. ‘White Of The Eye’ was a British thriller which didn’t do well at the box office and the music wasn’t issued at the time, until now. Apart from another soundtrack with Fenn a couple of years later, Mason returned to Floyd duties until the band called it day in the mid-90s. Nick has now come out of retirement with his new band ‘Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets’ and this box set of his hard to get solo work is being released to coincide with his Autumn 2018 tour.


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