Village Green Preservation Society

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  • Release Date: 26 October 2018


Label Review. 

1968 album. Gatefold 2LP - Original album 2018 stereo & mono remasters, 180g heavyweight vinyl, carefully restored original artwork. / 1LP - Original Swedish 12 track LP, 2018 stereo remaster, 180g heavyweight vinyl, carefully restored original artwork. / 5 x CDs in bespoke accessories holder: CD1 - Original album, 2018 stereo remaster + bonus tracks; CD2 - The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, 2018 mono remaster bonus tracks; CD3 - Village Green sessions, containing demos and alternative versions / mixes from the original mid-sixties recordings sessions; CD4 - Village Green At The BBC, track audio and band interviews; CD5 - Preservation, Live & Demos, including previously unreleased home demos, Ray Davies live in Denmark 2010 and unreleased track Time Song 7 singles (Reproduced original picture sleeves): Days / She's Got Everything (Italian picture sleeve, 1968); Starstruck / Picture Book (Continental Europe, 1968); The Village Green Preservation Society / Do You Remember Walter? (U.S., 1969). Book: Beautifully produced, linen covered, 12 x 12,52-page hardback book containing: Extensive sleeve notes by acclaimed writer Andy Neill, with new Ray Davies interviews and new quotes from Dave Davies and Mick Avory; essays by Pete Townshend, Robert Ryan and Kate Mossman; rare and unseen Kinks Village Green related photos and imagery. / Reproduced original memorabilia: Poster of Village Green LP inner gatefold; Empire Liverpool April 1968 tour poster; 5 glossy 10 x 8 photos from Hampstead Heath 1968 photoshoot; colour press photo with reproduced band signatures; Bournemouth April 1968 gig ticket; 2-sided PYE Records promo card; Days 4 page sheet music. Also available on CD2CD, and LP

Our Overview. 

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society Preservation Society is now seen as one of the best British albums ever recorded. Created in difficult circumstances by a band who refused to follow fashion, it is an album of timeless, perfectly crafted songs about growing up and growing old, and the decline of national culture and traditional ways. Enduring and unsurpassed, with its wit, sadness, quiet anger, regret and charm, it is generally considered the high point of The Kinks’ outstanding career and Ray Davies’ masterpiece.

A calm, nostalgic album which feels like a sweet, hazy dream but with endless layers of musical and lyrical innovation, The Village Green Preservation Society’s defiantly British sensibilities became the foundation of generations of British guitar pop.